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Boasting the best burgers in town, Classic Burger Joint is carving out a niche of flame-grilled passion, setting it well above any of the fast-food chains in terms of taste and quality of service
"Classic Burger Joint: Secrets Revealed!" "It's become the face of the Lebanese-born burger chain serving up delicious flame-grilled burgers and seasoned fries in a small, casual dining space"
Burger Business 
"Beirut's Top Burger Bar: Classic Burger Joint" "I knew that McDonald operates in Lebanon (with 24 units) and that Burger King (23 units) is there as well. But until I received an email from Angela Sawan, I wasnt aware the country had a locally owned Western-style burger chain of its own."
"How Lebanese Brands Successfully Satisfy Your Needs" "In 2010, Classic Burger Joint debuted an unexpected authentic experience, specialising exclusively in burgers rather than catering to everyone. The authentic American burger experience touched people and created a memorable connection, allowing them to experience happy times, and keeping them hooked on their mouthwatering burgers."
Business News 
" Classic Burger's first franchise abroad " "Local burger concept chain Classic Burger Joint is inaugurating its first franchised outlet in Kuwait, today. "My career starts today, as we managed to enter for the first time a regional market," said Donald Batal, founder of The Ministry of Food, the company that owns and runs Classic Burger Joint, Tomatomatic Pizza, and Café Diem..."
"Best Burgers in Lebanon" "High quality burgers and service, I always come back for a "classic cheese with egg" :). Nice locations this chain has but not spread well enough throughout the country. This is the #1 burger place in Lebanon with reasonable prices."
"Classic Burger Joint: A Burger's Portrait" "Days are passing, the world is improving and Lebanon’s culinary sector is raising the bar higher and higher. Just close your eyes and remember what we used to eat couple of years ago. Where could we find the best burger? Did we ever ask for Augus beef? The Pain D’Or bread was the highest quality available. Organic vegetables? In Lebanon? Did you ever dream of eating endives planted in our own soil? 2011 was the year of change, the year of improvements, the year when harsh competition and the journey of the survival of the fittest began..."
"Great location, excellent service, wonderful experience" "In a place where hundreds of options are available to anyone who is hungry, a small group of us chose the Classic Burger Joint in Downtown Beirut. The curb appeal of this cozy restaurant was too great to resist, so we sat down at an outdoor table and were immediately greeted with friendly smiles. A quick look at the menu showed us that this place was no greasy spoon. A wonderful range of burgers awaited us, all of which appealed to the imagination..."
"Classic Burger Joint | Daily Inspiration #0014" "Classic Burger Joint is part of our daily inspiration series that share our favourite artworks with our readers, on Canny Creative design blog. The branding for Lebanon based Classic Burger Joint is very juicy. The team at WonderEight created the brand as..."
"Classic Burger Joint: Real Burgers Still Going Strong" "Classic Burger has always been one of my favorite burger joints in Lebanon. The burger patty is just right, the burger tastes good… I earlier described the place: It serves real burgers, simple burgers, the only non pretentious burgers, flamed with passion together with their essential side orders of fries, salads and drinks – the basics to enhance that special burger's experience...."
"Burger bonanza: Beiruts best beef and buns" "A few years ago, if you were to seek out a burger in Lebanon your options would have been limited, not only in the quantity of places to go but in the quality they'd offer. Classic Burger now has five different restaurants across the capital, and is a firm favorite among Beirut's foodies, families and youths alike..."
"Classic Burger Joint" "Hamburgers is all we do, this is what they stress on the waiters t-shirts, the table mats and the espresso cups. I'm sure the whole city has been to Classic Burger Joint ..."
"Classic Burger Joint, Lebanon" "The burger wave in Lebanon has hit hard, and fortunately for us, Lebanon has the Classic Burger Joint – a place that definitely provides a unique experience..."
"Classic burger joint... the truth is out." "Well, finally someone had the courage to say it as it is... We all know that during lent or al siam (the period of fasting which starts today and last until Saturday before Easter) many Christians abstain from eating "red" meat and focus on "white meats" such as fish..."
"Classic Burger Joint On TripAdvisor"
"Classic Burger Joint's 3rd Branch Opens in DownTown Beirut" "All in all, this new branch is lovely and I've been there twice already. The location is convenient, especially if you work in the Down Town area. It's also a perfect new option if you're hitting Beirut Souks or the surrounding streets for some shopping..."
"Ten Good Things in Lebanon" "Speaking of burger joints, Classic Burger in Sodeco or the one in Jal el Dib is the only place to go as far as I'm concerned to have a really good burger, I mean good in every way, the meat, the way its cooked, the fries, the buns, everything..."
"Classic Burger Joint... They never let you down!" "As we all "burger addicts" know that at CBJ, they are grilling turkey burgers from 19NOV till 27 NOV, so i decided to go tonight with my friends especially to taste it! We went there (Sodeco Branch) and as usual, there was no place!"
"Les burgers à l'assaut de Beyrouth" "Cette enseigne, première au Liban à utiliser le mot "burger" dans son nom, a introduit le concept du "sur-mesure" offrant au client la possibilité de créer son propre burger avec les ingrédients de son choix pour un ticket moyen de 15 dollars. Cette enseigne a sans doute joué le rôle de liaison entre le diner américain classique que le marché local connaissait bien et les nouveaux lieux cultes du Burger..."
"Yummy! That's the unanimous verdict we reached on this, the latest addition to the burger market." "The menu is ideal for dining out even with the most finicky of broods; it's a simple affair with a variety of meat and chicken in moreish flavours (the gooey Swiss 'N' Mushroom is to die for, as is the honey mustard chicken). The starters also appeal – we couldn't resist some killer mozzarella sticks (killer in both taste and calories)..."
"Try their fries, they're 100% natural and completely preservative free and best of all, they're freshly cut everyday."
"And in today's competitive Lebanese restaurant market, I have always had a front-runner favorite: Classic Burger..." "Set aside the fact that their burgers are one of the most appealing (great bread buns!) and one of the tastiest I've ever had (swiss'n'mushroom to-die-for!), the CBJ brand has been carefully developed so that you have high chances of remembering it and becoming its ambassador..."
"Free meal at Classic Burger Joint" "Considering how bad the customer service is generally in Lebanon, CBJ management's gesture was excellent noting that I insisted that this is Lebanon and such things happen but they wouldn't let me pay..."
"Donald and his burger joint made it on MTV." <iframe title="Donald and his burger joint made it on MTV." class="youtube-player" type="text/html" width="450" height="310" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/Zb4u5m95Qcc" frameborder="0" allowFullScreen></iframe>
"The first thing that struck me was the bun. Big, spongy, shiny and speckled with seeds." "I'm not a fan of toppings, but they were fresh and plentiful. The fries were crunchy and flavorsome. The patty was fat and substantial, but was not "meaty" enough for me. I'm a meat guy, so it's got to taste like meat. Don't get me wrong, they have all the right to claim to have some of the best burgers in town hands down, but it's a little too civilized for me, a little to watered-down..."
"Classic Burger Joint Opens in Jal el Dib." "One awesome thing that's different though is that the place is packed, but there was no 30 or 40-minute cue like in Sodeco. It seems not enough people know about the Jal el Dib branch yet, or that the first bout of excitement has passed, with CBJ becoming the familiar favorite you can go to anytime, instead of the must-try craze you need to go to now..."
"Most days theres is a queue outside the restaurant - the best reference any eatery can have." "Donald Batal, owner of Classic Burger, is so particular about his burgers that he opened a second kitchen, in a seperate location to his small restaurant near Sodeco Square, dedicated only to the perfect preparation of the all-important ingredient: the meat..."
"This cosy joint has 'Hamburgers is all we do' for a slogan and has lived up to it!" "CBJ is the product of a decade's experience in restaurant operations. If you don't catch the yellow sign right off Abdel Wahab Street, we doubt you'll miss the long queue of people itching for a soft bun and sentimental eats..."
"Each bite at Classic Burger Joint leaves a mouth-watering impression!" "Classic Burger Joint serves real burgers, flamed with passion together with their essential side orders of fries, salads and drinks – the basics to enhance that special burger's experience. A typical plate will come with a celebrated prime quality beef patty prepared exclusively for each order..."
"And every bite became a voyage. A gourmet escapade across the oceans." "Then we got older, and we travelled and saw the world and all the burgers it had to offer. And we needed something more. That's when Classic Burger came to town, offering up a New York style burger joint in the heart of Beirut. They banned smoking, and tarted up the place to feel like a mid-town Manhattan eatery..."
"The fries are amazing there, and so is the bun." "The tables are really close to each other, you'd practically be a few centimeters away from the tabel next to you, with 'Teta' (the manager and founder, a guy by the way) very amicably greeting you and making sure everything's ok, adding a personal touch to the sometimes too-professional and too-lukewarm service in most restaurants in Lebanon..."
"They succeeded in really giving this place the classic diner feel especially with the glass coke bottles." "The place sure is busy- packed- the waiter seating people was totally acting like a bouncer- I mean he had to-people just won't take no for an answer- everyone wants to eat at Classic- so I got super excited when my friend and I got a seat..."
"Classic Burger Joint is the perfect place for burger connoisseurs." "It serves real burgers with the essentials: freshly peeled and cut fries, salads and drinks. The beef patties are top quality and delightfully prepared for each order. The soft buns are baked day by day. The menu is rich and it offers a great variety of homemade extra burgers: Classic Burger, Classic Cheese Burger, Swiss'N'Mushroom Burger, BBQ- Bacon Burger..."
"Plastik Magazine PhotoShoot at Classic."