The Culture Trip

Boasting the best burgers in town, Classic Burger Joint is carving out a niche of flame-grilled passion, setting it well above any of the fast-food chains in terms of taste and quality of service


"Classic Burger Joint: Secrets Revealed!" "It's become the face of the Lebanese-born burger chain serving up delicious flame-grilled burgers and seasoned fries in a small, casual dining space"

Burger Business

"Beirut's Top Burger Bar: Classic Burger Joint" "I knew that McDonald operates in Lebanon (with 24 units) and that Burger King (23 units) is there as well. But until I received an email from Angela Sawan, I wasnt aware the country had a locally owned Western-style burger chain of its own."


"How Lebanese Brands Successfully Satisfy Your Needs" "In 2010, Classic Burger Joint debuted an unexpected authentic experience, specialising exclusively in burgers rather than catering to everyone. The authentic American burger experience touched people and created a memorable connection, allowing them to experience happy times, and keeping them hooked on their mouthwatering burgers."